Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder – Drive All Night (Bruce Springsteen)

Publicado: 16/05/2014 em Eddie Vedder, Geral - General

“…tonight there’s fallen angels and they’re waiting for us down in the street. tonight there’s calling strangers, hear them crying in defeat. let them go…”

Eddie Vedder finally came to Brazil to show us his solo act. Incredible, obviously, since he’s such an amazingly gifted artist. But many things were way over my wildest dreams!

– The crowd was surprisingly familiar with almost every song (Pearl Jam is wildly popular anywhere, but I didn’t realize EV’s solo act was almost in the same level);

– Eddie talked a lot, told many hilarious stories (lots in a not-so-bad portuguese), took song requests, and invited several people up the stage to sing songs with him or to sing for them;

– Glen Hansard.

Well, I knew a little about Glen. I had listened to his Once soundtrack and to his solo album Rhythm and Repose, but I wasn’t a real fan.

That was before these days. He took me by storm. What a talented, charismatic man. And his relationship with Ed seems to be so genuine and beautiful!

Glen told the story of how someone died tragically during one of his concerts and how his phone rang the following day. And that it was Eddie wanting to “check out on him”. And how he called Glen every day for a week and then invited him to visit in Seattle. And how he called once in the city and was invited to join the studio where Eddie was recording “Ukulele Songs” and ended up participating on a track (Sleepless Nights).

One of Ed’s many speeches about Glen during the five shows was the one I try to reproduce below. It’s great. Just typical Vedder brilliancy.


” Glen is a great singer, great guitar player, but he’s kind of a shit guitar teacher. (…)  But the reason Glen is shit for a guitar teacher is he writes beautiful chords. (…) What you do when someone shows you a song is watch his fingers. But he plays things with his thumb, well, you can’t tell, but he’s got his thumb on it (…) you play it, it sounds like something. He plays it, it sounds like something else. But then another one, he holds two strings down with his middle finger. Because he got his fingers chopped off when he was a child and they grew up fatter and much more efficient for a guitar. He’s an Irish mutant. (…) It’s just like Kelly Slater has toes that he can spread out farther than my hand. True story! I have a special talent, too, but… well, let’s say a special mutation. We’ll talk about that the next tour.”




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