Pearl Jam – Come Back (to the #PJFam)

Publicado: 11/11/2013 em Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam (album)

“…i’ve been wishing out the days. come back…”

Two years ago, my whole life took a turn. Pearl Jam had always been my favorite band, but my craziness had shrunk a little from all the time since their last South America Tour in 2005. Six years had passed, lots of things happened and I got involved in other less important things AKA family, job and adult life. Jokes apart, seeing PJ again was the best news of that whole year.

I wrote two posts about the two shows I attended that year. and

So why write again two years later?

Since 2005 I’ve been to nine concerts in seven different cities from four different countries. I’ve been abroad three times to see Pearl Jam. I’ve listened to 269 songs and 98 unique performances according to the amazing PJ StatTracker. And since that 2011 tour, those stats are not the most important thing anymore.

Since then, I’ve met people from all over the world. Most of them are incredible and some of them are now my best friends. After meeting a new #PJFam member, it usually feels like I’ve known said person since the 90s. They tell me nice things. They send me gifts. They walk streets of unknown towns with me. They exchange stickers with me. They buy merchandise out of booths with gigantic lines when I really want something. They take me to baseball, soccer, football games, to have lunch or dinner with their families. They drive me from the USA to Canada and from Canada to the USA and from Pearl Jam to Frank Lloyd Wright. They help me buy sold-out concert tickets. They let me pet their dogs and cats. They let me stay at their homes.

I really wish for Pearl Jam to come back. But I wish even more for these special moments to come back. I wish to go back to São Paulo, Rio, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, London-CAN, Chicago, Spring Green, NYC. To each place I visited for Pearl Jam or where I met any #PJFam.

Today it’s been two years since 11.11.2011. Here’s to reliving all those special moments again, again and again!

I love you all! Be at peace!



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