Pearl Jam – The End

Publicado: 29/10/2013 em Backspacer, Pearl Jam
“…help me see myself, cause i can no longer tell…”
Five years ago, we decided to adopt a blind kitten. Tina had been subject to a surgery to remove both eyes and was waiting to be adopted for some time. But special needs pets are victims of prejudice, yes! Be it “lack of time”, “lack of knowledge” or any other argument, they are left behind. At first I was worried: how could I help Tina to her food bowl, in and out of bed and litter box, and with all the other everyday stuff if we were just out every day, working?
But what happened was that, besides a very short initial moment while she was getting adjusted and still had stitches on her eyes, Tina didn’t need our help. In fact, she was the one who saved us. She taught us that other animals have, in fact, something less than humans: self pity. Instead of comiserating, of making everything hard, little Tina makes everything seem absurdly simple. She needs help with barely nothing, and reminds us every day that overcoming your challenges is something very simple to do. It’s just about taking a “leap of faith”.
That put, when this other little ball of fur with a kind of “Frankenstein” look came in our lives, we didn’t even blink. Working with some very dear people who give their lives for the animal cause, our blind-kitty-girl has got herself a pair, our blind-kitty-boy. Mike, as we named him, is less than 2 months-old, lighter than 1 pound and fits in my hand. But he’s already a GIANT.
And here’s our invitation: if you want to be bigger, but bigger in your hearts, allow yourselves to learn from a special pet. You’ll be helping an animal in need, obviously. But, much more important than that, you’ll be learning a lot about unconditional love and overcoming your obstacles. Every day.
Say hi to your new friends, Mike!


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