Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust

Publicado: 08/05/2013 em Pearl Jam, Ten

…and the barrel waits, trigger shakes, aimed right at my head, won’t you help me? help me from myself?
Everyone reaches a moment in their lives where they ask ‘when did this start? Where did it al go wrong?’ We commiserate while we, then, ask ‘why me?’ Or, paraphrasing our dearest Pearl Jam, we conclude ‘there’s no God with a plan and my loneliness is proof’.
Anyway, I’ve reached a point in my life where those questions have no longer any space. And all I’m left with are my own mistakes and how the answers to my questions aren’t wrong at all. It’s just the questions I’d been asking were the wrong ones.
So ‘why me?’ is answered with ‘I made it happen’. And I no longer care when it started to go wrong but just how can I start to re-make it right.
The tears streaming down my face become pearls of wisdom whilst reflecting the sun. So the pain becomes experience. And transforms itself into a beautiful attitude of wanting to be an even better person.
A wise man from my country says ‘the bad things people do to me don’t make me feel bad. The bad things I do to people do.’ That’s my motto now. I’ll be true, I’ll be good. Faithful to you (my friends, my family, everyone I hold dear in my heart).



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