Pearl Jam – Corduroy (MM Festival, Atlanta-GA – My First PJ Concert Abroad)

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“the waiting drove me mad. (I’m) finally here and I’m a mess…”

@Renato_BOI @felipemallms and @fbartelle before the concerts at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta-GA

Yet again, this blog is supposed to be about lyrics. And yet again I’m allowing myself to break this rule. But it’s FKKN (oops, sorry) Pearl Jam, so it’s OK that I do it.

Some months ago I decided it was time to have another one of my dreams come true. I was going to the US to see Pearl Jam. And I got two friends to go with me. So we planned a week in Florida (Miami and Disney World) to get us ready and then we headed to Atlanta, GA for the two-day, open-air Music Midtown Festival. Piedmont Park’s lawn was where they set the stages. For us, used to the poorly organized and free of any comfort festivals in Brazil, this place was fantastic. The whole atmosphere was another thing to thank for during those two days.

Day one was all about Joan Jett, an idol of anyone who likes the real Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit due to her story and her music, and Foo Fighters. I had never seen the Foos live, so that was a nice warm-up for day two. Dave was as funny and all-around entertaining as always and the set was solid. Opening with the fast’n’furious White Limo, they had a sequence that included many hits like All My Life, My Hero, The Pretender and Learn To Fly. Grohl joked that they were a cover band and they included Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Joan Jett, who joined them for Bad Reputation. My personal favorite Hey, Johnny Park! was played that night.

Joan Jett at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta-GA. Picture by Fernando Bartelle

See more of my Joan Jett pictures at

Foo Fighters at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta-GA. Picture by Fernando Bartelle

See more of my Foo Fighters pictures at


Day two was what this was all about. Starting with the #PJFamily meeting during the weekend. This post is dedicated, primarily, to my partners in crime @felipemallms (my friend since the 90’s who once again proved to be a great friend), @Renato_BOI (who I didn’t know that much but proved to be as great a friend as any can be!) and my beautiful wife @ferbortolon (who was always great telling me to go even though she couldn’t), and also to @J88Ryan (who we met in Miami, and unfortunately couldn’t be at the festival), @Jay_Worrall (who came all the way from England!) and @MaddNessFoSho (who still claims not to say “the-morrow”), @tonyatawana (the best writer you could ever want to meet!) and @Tammarpra (her awesome partner and, like her, enthusiastic first-time PJ show attendant), @meninakk (who we only met for a couple, though great, minutes), @PhishNoC and @onamovingtrain (this great, lovable couple of crazy Pearl Jammers from TN), @anestha (who also came from Brazil for the Festival and shared the Foos concert with us), and even @Jeffyrocks24, @Rafy1974, @spagbals, @Vedder_Girl77 and @bowlofj0kes, along with all the rest of the #PJFam all around the world (who, each for one special reason, I never got to meet but love anyway). You amazing people made any effort and sacrifice I had to make to be there well worth it. Thank you so much!

Getting back to the Festival, we got there just in time to see Garbage. This band has been among my favorites since the mid-90s. They were fantastic, especially Shirley Manson, who is just incredible. A very entertaining concert throughout.

Garbage at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta-GA. Picture by Fernando Bartelle

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Right after Garbage we had a little time to relax, since I don’t care about Ludacris, and came back before Florence + The Machine. It’s not the kind of music I would usually enjoy, but I like them. Florence has a beautiful voice and her apparent happiness during the concert is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. The bad notes go to some of the fans around us who were plain pain in our asses.

Florence + The Machine at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta-GA. Picture by Fernando Bartelle

When Pearl Jam were about to start their show, we were at a wonderful place in the crowd. Right in front of Mike, less than 8 rows from the rail. The closest I’ve ever been. The set went as follows (thanks to and the official Pearl Jam Forums).

01. Why Go (Stone’s guitar rig fails for most of the song.)
02. Save You
03. Animal

(Ed says it is a great night to be in Atlanta and he has never seen the city from this perspective, referring to the location where the festival is being held. He also goes to comment on how great Florence And The Machine were and how great Florence and audience crowd sang. He invites the crowd to sing as much as they can tonight.)

04. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In a Small Town
05. Corduroy
06. Got Some

(Ed decides he will take a moment and describe what the next song is about. He talks about the various kinds of love, like first love and the love in the early part of relationship and love that lasts for years. He also says that the band has deep and long lasting love and that yes, men can love men. He says this next song is about the kind of love that is “ocean deep, long lasting love that surrounds you.”)

07. Amongst The Waves
08. Wishlist
09. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
10. Do The Evolution
11. Even Flow

(Ed reminds the audience that it is an election year and encourages everyone to vote and make sure they have the proper ID because some states have new voter ID laws. He also lists the kind of ID that will and won’t work. When he gets to gun registration ID working while student ID’s won’t the crowd cheers a little and some boos are heard as well. Ed says that “in Florida that comment got a much bigger reception. Florida and Arizona seem to be in some sort of bizarre arms race with each other.” He then tells the audience that voting is your right.)

12. Know Your Rights-(Jones, Strummer)
13. Nothingman
14. Supersonic
15. Jeremy
16. Porch

(During Porch Ed goes down into the pit and runs along the front and up the center barricades)

Encore Break 1

(Ed says they are going to play as long as they will let them. He thanks Gus for putting on the festival and is happy that back after not being around for a few years.)

17. Crazy Mary-(Williams)

(During Crazy Mary Ed goes down by the barricade again. He also playfully messes with one of the video screen cameramen)

18. Given To Fly-(dedicated to a friend of Mike McCready’s named Steve Gleason)

(Ed mentions that “many of the songs we wrote and recorded were done right here in Atlanta with local hero Brendan O’Brien who is here tonight and is a great friend. This is what we secretly call him behind his back. The Fixer”)

19. The Fixer
20. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2

(Ed thanks the audience for behaving so well. He points out a young boy that is down in front and comments that if kids and small women can be down in front and be okay it says a lot about the audience taking care of each other. He then, jokingly, asks the boy if he would like some wine, Ed goes onto to thank all of the friends they have acquired over the years the band has been together. He also thanks the local crew that worked the festival and the bands long time touring crew. He says the band has been together for a long time and it speaks to their friendship that have never broken up or had really hateful arguments. He introduces the band and says he hates to repeat a story but he wants to tell the story about watching PJ20 with a friend who commented that “Jeff Ament is such a bad ass” and Ed couldn’t agree more.)

21. Unthought Known
22. Black
23. Alive
(Ed says. “they tell us we only have two minutes left so we are going to play this as fast as we can.)
24. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)

That said, I have to say this was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and that I’ll definitely do that again as soon as possible. We loved the Festival (even though they rushed PJ out because of public transportation hours – hey, people, you JUST DON’T DO THAT. We’d rather walk home and have a couple more songs!) and the city of Atlanta (can you believe that Georgia Aquarium thing??).

Some pictures and videos follow:

Eddie Vedder at Music Midtown Festival, Atlanta-GA. Picture by Fernando Bartelle

See more of my pictures at


So, Pearl Jam was, obviously, the higher high of these 10 days. It was the reason why it all happened, it was the main motivation in getting together with many amazing, unforgettable people, it was in the bottle of beer I got from my dear friend Joe, it was in the music we shared while having lunch with Maddie and Jay, it was on the radio we listened to on our long ways from the hotel to the city… I just have to thank Pearl Jam once again.

See you all around very soon!

  1. S disse:

    What a fantastic re-cap. I am so happy that your first PJ experience in America was worth it. I truly wish I could’ve been there among all the great folks you mention, and meet you in person. Cheers!!


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